CCIG (XingHua) Estates Holding Limited 



CCIG (XingHua) Estates Holding Limited was registered and established in 2006, co-financed by CCIG (China) Asset Management Ltd. and CCIG Ltd. CCIG (XingHua) Estates has its core business in the real estates development, with the latest project being located at the commercial center of new zone in SuZhong Old City. CCIG International Neighborhood, CCIG commercial shopping mall, CCIG Mansion no.8 have been successively completed, with total construction area up to of 100,000 m2.


CCIG International Neighborhood has been regarded as a small-scale high-level real estates project, located at the northern side of CCIG commercial shopping mall; the neighborhood carries an excellent environment with comprehensive facilities in the surroundings, providing an elegant and comfortable livelihood for the residents.


CCIG Commercial Mall is built as an integrated commercial center, successfully introduced the Taiwanese RT-Mart, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Ueshima Coffee, GreenTree Inn Express Hotel, Moulin rouge Entertainment City and many other well-known commercial brands.

CCIG Mansion no.8 consisted of 16 levels, with the first two levels filled with shops and stores while the rest are commercial apartments. Bank of NanJing has also stationed in the CCIG Masion no.8.


RunYang Asset Management Taizhou Co Ltd.



Established in 2005, RunYang Asset Management Taizhou Co Ltd. has its core business as real estate development, and has already launched the first real estate project of CCIG Holdings Limited in China – Hong Kong City.


This is the very first time a concept of “commerce in the air” was introduced into XingHua City, considering the commercial surroundings strategically, bringing the externals into internals, the project has been divided into Super Sale Outlet, Queensway Plaza and Causeway Bay three different areas.


The completion of Hong Kong City has attracted many well-known partners from local and overseas. In Sale Outlet we have Lotte the giant supermarket from Korea, Suning the home appliance brand; in Causeway Bay we have introduced Nike, Adidas and many other popular sports stores as well as some famous brand from Hong Kong like Goldlion; in Queensway Plaza there are wedding photography, child pre nursery training, SPA … … all these together have made this commercial city in XingHua old city a legend.


Moreover, RunYang Asset Management has invested in and become a shareholder of the “XingHua Rural Commercial Bank”, a local bank in the region, with the Chairman of the Board of RunYang Asset Management holding the post of Supervisor of the Board for the Bank.