Established and co-financed by CCIG Holdings Ltd. and Freetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) Limited, Lian Yun Gang Road Recycling Ltd. has been developed to contribute in the road construction, road maintenance, and renting of high-way mechanical devices. Lian Yun Gang Road Recycling is dedicated to developing and promoting the use geothermal regeneration technology on asphalt pavement, aiming to recycle road pavement material at a 100%.

Identify problems


With a very advanced road maintenance technology, we first examine the condition of the road; precisely diagnose its“symptoms, then provide an exact solution to solve the problem. The road maintenance will offer guide and instructions to support clients fully and practically.

Machine Manufacturing


Lian Yun Gang Road Recycling has its own manufacturing department, enabling it to transform research results into productivity in the shortest time and provide the construction department with the most advanced hardware, ensuring the construction quality is up to standard.

Construction Stage


The construction department would be the end-user of the equipment; while the research and development department evaluates various situations from clients’ point of view, offering advices and ideas to the company. In this we can make sure clients are provided with the most suitable equipment and construction technologies.

Regular Check


Communication and co-operation are ensured between various departments in the company. Regular checks will be carried out after the construction completed. We also work on data testing and provide maintenance suggestions, assist our clients to solve different types of problem arising from time to time.