CCIG Zhongsu Commodities Trading Ltd.


Established by CCIG (China) Asset Management Ltd., CCIG Zhongsu Commodities Trading Ltd. (Zhongsu) was approved by Jiangsu government and Jiangsu Municipal Office of Finance, supervised by Jiangsu Municipal Office of Finance as a trading platform of integrated commodities in this new generation. Zhongsu has a registered capital of one hundred million RMB, trading involves large-scale commodities including but not limited to colored metals, agricultural bi-products, chemistry raw materials, industrial raw material, etc.


Zhongsu is the first commodity-trading centre in Subei and the first commodity-trading centre that is established by National holding limited. It is also the first commodity-trading centre with a concept of comprehensive chain industry.


In order to provide a safe trading platform, Zhongsu had innovatively established an investor-protection funding. Registration, trading and account settlement are all carried out separately and independently, with third-party banking as custodian. Investors’ education and multiple risks are thus systemized in an efficient and effective way. 。


Zhongzu has already established operation centers in Sunan, Subei, Shanghai and Beijing. It has also constructed a working area with 4000 m2 and a logistic storage with 300 acres. In the coming time it is going to expand in the southwest, northwest, northeast of Jiangzu and the Hengqin area.


As a commodity-trading center in the new generation, Zhongsu has learnt the lesson and gained experience from the early development stage of the market. Now it sticks to comply with relevant laws and regulations, provide sufficient stocks, serves the real economy. It has also well improved the market facilities in Jiangsu and increased Jiangsu’s ranking nationally as a financial center, turning Jiangsu to become one of the most important entity in the national commodity-trading market. Holdings Promoter: CCIG (China) Asset Management Ltd.


CCIG (China) Asset Management Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China City Investment Group. With the trademark of China City Investment Group, support from corporate headquarters and considerable amount of company resources, CCIG (China) Asset Management aims to provide trading partners with various types of services. Under CCIG (China) Asset Management there are RunYang Asset Management Taizhou Co Ltd., CCIG (Hunan) Asset Management Ltd., CCIG (XingHua) Estates Holding Limited, Nanjing Rongbao Technology Industry Ltd., CCIG JiangSu Online Media Technology Ltd., CCIG (XiangTan) Water Supply Ltd., Lian Yun Gang Road Recycling Ltd., Nanjing CCIG Import & Export Co. Ltd., Nanjing Taikoo Real Estate Management Ltd., Nanjing Yingjia Media Ltd., Nanjing Jiangyuan Investment Consultancy Ltd., JiangSu Union Real Estate Development Ltd., more than 10 companies all together invested in Xinghua Rural Commercial Bank and many other companies. Core businesses include investment, real estate, technology, energy and import & export.


The ever-increasing in demand of the Subei economic development


On a national ground, the economic level of Subei is just next to Pearl River Delta and Sunan: 8 years of continual growth outdoing the average level of Jiangsu and the whole nation. Besides, Subei has a very abundant resource of minerals, marine materials, agricultural materials, whereas a commodity-trading market lacked.


Our advantages:

  1. Political advantage: being one of the key projects of Jiangsu financial trial and the 13-5 planning of Suqian City.
  2. Quality advantage: approved by Jiangsu government and Jiangsu Municipal Office of Finance, supervised by Jiangsu Municipal Office of Finance.
  3. Capital advantage: being the first corporation in Jiangsu directly established by state-owned enterprise, well capitalized by shareholders with various political and financial backgrounds.
  4. Resource advantage: adequate natural resources, commodity resources from shareholders; abundant resources and business capital via different channels.
  5. District advantage: the northern side of Suzhou plays an important role in the Yangtze River Delta, with its comprehensive economic strength ranking just below the Southern Suzhou and Pearl River Delta and economic growth exceeding the whole national level. Gifted with the advantages of regional branding and favorable economic environment; locating along the Huahai economic zone and intersection of the economic districts also set a great atmosphere for further development.
  6. Innovative advantage: it is the first conceptual commodities trading plafrom with full-scale industrial chain management. The transaction mode has been mixed with spot goods, listing, C2C, B2B, B2C, O2O (including O2M) and various electronic transaction modes.
  7. Variety advantage: our transaction variety is diversified enough to include different types of large-scale commodities as colour metals, agricultural by-products, chemical raw materials, industrial raw materials, collectibles and many others.
  8. Technological advantage: computer software has been tailor-made for Central Suzhou, reaching the first class of national standard and T3 International standard.
  9. Security advantage: advanced risk-control system being the most safest Jiangsu three-separation mode in the country by far.
  10. Starting-point advantage: after a great purge in the industry, there is obviously a higher standard and quality in this new generation of commodity trading market under various new polices.
  11. Service advantage: here you can find numerous training and services with premium quality: technical support, reward scheme, public relation and promotion, corporate management training, sales training, skills enhancement, risk-control training, human resource recruitment … etc. We also provide various exclusive promotions and supports for our loyal members.
  12. Financial advantage: with investment from Zhongsu and various shareholders, strategic business partnership is built up between commercial banks and many other financial institutions. Multiple financing options and platforms for trading partners are then made possible, thus providing a finac solution for different enterprises.