Nanjing CCIG Import & Export Co. Ltd.



Nanjing CCIG Import & Export Co. Ltd. was established in July 2005, with registered capital of 60,000,000, wholly financed by CCIG (China) Asset Management Ltd.. Scope of business involves import and export of own-manufacturing and distribution of various commodities as well as technologies, products include home appliances, electromechanical appliances, construction materials, electronic products, safety facilities, fuel oil, steel wood materials, colored metal and many other products.

Besides, we also provide building automatic technology, scientific instruments for sale, installation and technical support. We stick to stay “professional, honest and reliable” as our business philosophy. With all the past years of experience, our integrity and premium service has been assured and recognized by our fellow partners. At this stage we have been focusing on business related to fuel oil, lubricating oil, chemical products, electronic appliances, paper and materials trading.


In the earlier stage, our core business had once been textile, clothing and accessories export. In 2009, we had carried out an adjustment on the product variety in the import and export business, and successful became the distributor of Tongyi Oil in Jiangsu district. This has definitely provided a good start for our oil trading business. At the same time we had also begin the sale of newspaper and double sided tape, successively established a desirable partnership with Jiangsu Chenming Paper Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu Fuda Paper Co. Ltd.. In 2011, we actively engaged in opening up the sale of fuel oil. At the moment we have already worked with High Hope Corporation for 5 years and will keep on working with this long and steady relationship. With the substantial support of High Hope Corporation, a total sale of 7.5 billion had been achieved. In 2015, we started to expand our trading channel and the product variety in our exports. With an ever-improving co-operation with National Union Holding Ltd., Gangtai Group Ltd., Baota Group Ltd. in the trading field, sales has been increased compared to last year. In the coming future, we will continue to strength our partnership with various large enterprises, break our sales record and increase our revenues in all direcitons.