CCIG (XiangTan) Water Supply Ltd.


CCIG (XiangTan) Water Supply Ltd. was registered and established at the XiangTan Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau in May 2011 with registered capital of RMB¥ 80,000,000, actual capital of RMB¥ 60,000,000. Located at the northern side of JianXia Mountain in the TianYi district, XiangTan, it covered an area of 80 acres. Core businesses of the company include: Investment in Water supply business, trading of facilities, water supply and the renting of private property housing. The total investment of water has reached a record of 1.88 billion, with the application of the most advanced filter technology of using “Ozone activated carbon” in the system. The design scale is up to 100,000 tons per day, divided into two phases with 500,000 tons per day. The first phase has already been completed on the 4th February 2015, and since then started to supply water officially.