Nanjing Rongbao Technology Industry Limited


The registered capital of Nanjing Rongbao Technology Industry Limited is 100 million yuan. It is a comprehensive real estate development enterprise with technological real estate as its main focus. The company features also include real estate and commercial real estate. The company grasps the national strategy of how to promote the shift in industrial structure and the mode of economic development. Moreover, its mission is to serve regional economic needs, boost industrial upgrading, accelerate scientific and technological transformation, and to enhance social contribution initiatives. The company mainly focuses on technological real estate, development of scientific and technological progress and regional economic society.


The company is located in 1 Tianma Road, Science and Technology Park, Xiamaqun, Purple Mountain. It covers an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, and the total construction area will be 64,000 square meters. It will build a data center, a research and development center, an underground garage and some other facilities.




Nanjing SmartRuby Corporation


Nanjing SmartRuby Corporation was established in 2003 and there are more than 70 employees. The company is committed to provide customers with ICT information  and a basket of solutions. Also, the company adheres to the customer-centric service concept and focus on providing customers with high-quality point-to-point service in these years.


Nanjing SmartRuby Corporation embraces the change of era. It provides ICT services and becomes  the operation service provider of smart city. Through our efforts and struggle, we believe we can use new generation of information technology to achieve urban planning of sustainable development. Our ultimate goal is to beceome a rich and harmonious,eco-home and full of colorful life smart city.





On June 12, 2014, CPPCC National Committee member, Huaian City CPPCC vice-chairman Professor Li Yufeng, accompanied by Deputy County Executive of Suining County Chen Liang, visited the cloud computing data center, including exhibition hall, data center room, monitoring center etc. Professor Li speaks highly of the  informatization work of Suining County.