JiangSu Union Real Estate 



Established in 2014, JiangSu Union Real Estate Development Ltd. aims to share the burden with the Chinese government and help citizens solve their property problems. The establishment of JiangSu Union is one of the most important events in improving people’s livelihood. It is also regarded as a very crucial measure to reinforce the housing facilities as well as operation management in the region, enabling its housing business to growth healthily and steadily.


At this stage we are currently developing in the “Lotus 3” housing project. Lishui Lotus housing 3 (here as Lotus 3) is located at the “Lotus Village” in the Lishui development zone , with its neighborhood being mainly as residential area and the highway S55 – the entrance and exit of the development zone. This housing development is actually arranged by the Government of the development zone, aimed to provide rehousing assistance for eligible residents affected by the demolition of the NingGao rail.


Lotus 3rd covers about 100 hectares, with total construction area of 155,000 m2: Floor area of 31,000 m2 and building aread of 124,000 m2. It consists of 4 buildings with 12 floors, 8 buildings with 18 floors and one 3-floor commercial building.