Joyas International Holdings Ltd:


Established as a holding company for investment, Joyas International Holdings Ltd headquartered in Singapore, with its core business as design, manufacturing, and sales of metal and jewelry products. The core business can be divided into two: metal products and jewelry products. Joyas has the design of metal products created internally while distributing the manufacturing work to the third party; items include fashion accessories, table decorations and clock & watch accessories. As for our jewelry products, we mainly applied with pearls from the upper South China Sea, diamonds, colored gems and gold.


CCIG Finance Myanmar Ltd:


CCIG Finance Myanmar Ltd is a newly established company and its headquarter is in Myanmar’s largest city,Yangon. It provides financial services to clients. Our company is a subsidiary of CCIG Holdings Limited. Our professional team possesses professional knowledge,combining rich experience and resources. We help our clients to get the ideal return while we can achieve our goals. We hope to contribute to the community, like participating in public welfare activities. Also, we aim to strengthen financial services around the world and put them into practice so that more financial services industry professionals can be cultivated.


CCIG Finance Myanmar Ltd provides a quick and easy way for customers to apply for a loan.

No mortgage need、Application is simple、Express approval、Low interest rates

We offer different loan options and prime rates. There are two basic types of loans:Secured loan and unsecured loan. Our service is confidential and we protect privacy.

The process of applying for and obtaining a loan is very simple:

  • When a customer applies for a loan, he or she can first determine the amount of the loan and the purpose of the loan.
  • Complete a quick and easy application. Leave the name, contact method, work history and other information for certification purposes.
  • The applicant can immediately know the maximum amount of the loan and all the relevant terms once he/she submits the documents.
  • After the customer knows the loan amount, he/she can go to the next step:Accepting the terms of the agreement
  • Normally, the loan will be transferred to the applicant’s bank account on the next working day unless there are problems with the required documents.


CCIG Holdings Ltd (Taiwan):


CCIG Holdings Ltd (Taiwan) is a fully owned subsidiary of City China Investment Group (CCIG) since 2014. We start approaching schools to bundling the e-learning English kit “FUN and FRIENDS” into the teaching material for target children ages from 3-15. The concept behind this program is children will learn, practice and play to develop reading and writing skills via visually well organized and easy to use on website . Our effective e-learning teaching material is the only one licenced by numerous popular cartoon characters in market which makes the programs more enjoyable during learning process and delivers fantastic result to the learners.

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