Company Background

Established in 2014, CCIG Holdings Limited is now having its headquarter in Hong Kong.
Our main focus is to seek investment opportunities with great potential in Asia Pacific area. Being actively involved in finance and investment industry, we have managed to possess an absolute advantage with the expertise and knowledge from our founder and the whole team. Asian cities are now full of opportunities with enormous potentials, and they are exactly the area we are going to exert our strengths and abilities to seek the best opportunities. At this stage we are actively involving in credit and loan services, acquiring non-performing assets, securities and finance projects, and investing in numerous company directly.



Business Network

Our headquarter is located at Room 3604, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, near Wan Chai MTR station. With convenient transport, spacious environment, advanced facilities, we provide our clients with a quick and easy stock trading service. Clients can identify market trends and obtain the latest stock information in details, and carry out their transactions safely and comfortably.



Professional Team

Our professionals are equipped with an advanced agent system with which they help to monitor and mitigate clients’ investment risk. We aim to create an atmosphere in which client can invest with at ease and with confidence. Besides, we also work hard to offer a comprehensive protection to every of our clients’ asset and property. Our staffs at the Settle Department provide client with consultancy service and ensure a proper settlement procedure is always there. They also issue transaction statement or electronic statement regularly and timely so that clients can clearly understand the latest updates on their accounts.



Our Service Promise

Our knowledgeable traders and agents offer you a professional team with profound experiences. We work with an advanced agent system to execute trade orders from clients, providing a fast, accurate, fair and justified service. Through our premium service we satisfy clients’ needs, enable them to achieve their investment goals and eventually increase the value of their assets and properties. All our services are built upon trust, communication and a reliable relationship with our valuable clients.

There is no doubt that the environment in Hong Kong has been ever changing in all sense. The trade relationship and bonding between local Chinese financial market have never been this close sand tight. As what we have been achieving all the time along, we will make the very best use of our advantages in different aspects, actively involve in the market and break through boundaries, thus offering a premium securities service to all people who are interested in participating in the stock market. Our goal is to progress with the new era to provide our clients with the best premium finance services.